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Creative Framing and Art Gallery
JMD $2,500.00
Kingston and Saint Andrew

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The mission of Creative Framing and Art Gallery is to be a leader in the presentation of contemporary visual arts within Jamaica and the Caribbean. The gallery will seek to encourage works by emerging and established artists through exhibition and display of their work. 

Creative Framing and Art Gallery prides itself in being a Jamaican company that is creative, innovative, inspirational, consistent and realizes the importance of not only providing great customer service, but also providing a diverse selection of fine Art work and framing solutions to the Jamaican public.

At Creative Framing and Art Gallery, we pride ourselves on our ability to cater to your needs. We offer a near limitless variety of frame moldings and materials to present your art appropriately in its environment. We frame anything, from fine art to needlework and shadow boxes.

We acquire, collect and present to the public the finest works of art available

We explore and inspire through our collection and exhibitions, the emotional and intellectual resources of our audiences.

We create a sense of belonging and provide our clients with an enjoyable and enduring experience.

Our values are interwoven and rooted in:

  • Creativity and Integration: To blend art into everyday life
  • Quality: To present exceptional work and exhibitions. Balance: To maintain a commitment to both emerging and established artists; to recognize the contributions of fine art and fine craft Inspiration: To encourage artists to create new works and the community to broaden its cultural horizons.
  • Outreach: To expand beyond our walls into the school community through off-site exhibits, events and programs. Exploration: To lead the region to new insights and understanding through art.

The gallery curates a variety of exhibitions annually. Our scheduling policy is geared to an interdisciplinary interpretation of art and culture that features the works of our local artists. The gallery is committed to showcasing prominent and talented fine artists, with a special fondness for local talent. Maintaining high standards for quality work, Creative framing and Art Gallery has been the starting point for many emerging regional artists.

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