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Dermakare Skin & Body Centre
JMD $2,500.00
Kingston and Saint Andrew

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Product Description

Dermakare Skin & Body Centre is a physician-based center that specializes in Cosmetic surgery and Laser Procedures as well as skin, hair and nail treatment for the entire family.

Dermakare Skin & Body Centre has developed out of the need for women to finally have treatment for conditions with no previous treatment. Stretch marks, cellulite, and stubborn abdominal fat were among the most common untreatable complaints for most women. These needs were recognized by Dr Rose (dermatologist/cosmetic surgeon) who has dedicated her life to finding treatments from anywhere on the globe and making them available to her patients. ‘Only by seeking shall you find..’ is her motto, and now Dermakare Skin & Body Centre can indeed offer cutting edge treatments for these and many more stubborn hard to treat conditions.

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