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Wassi Art
JMD $2,500.00
Kingston and Saint Andrew

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Product Description

Wassi Art is a treasure chest of unusual pottery that absolutely delights collectors and art lovers alike. Wassi Art is the perfect example of how love for art can evolve from a hobby to a flourishing enterprise. When the company was incorporated in 1992, Theresa Lee started off with three artists. Twenty years later, Wassi Art counts 30 employees and has made a name for itself far beyond Jamaica’s coastline. Shop for the island’s finest handcrafted pottery at this marvelous factory, where talented artists capture the island’s essence through the love of their craft.

Wassi (wha-see) – ‘terrific’ in old island dialect – is the best description of the magnificent clay creations the artists at Wassi Art produce, and the Ocho Rios factory is now a ‘must do’ on the long list of Jamaican attractions.

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