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Coco Jam
JMD $2,500.00
Kingston and Saint Andrew

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Product Description

 COCO JAM is Kingston's colorful, well designed, spacious and fully equipped wholesome Family Entertainment and Party Centre. If you seek fun and exciting activities to entertain children, then Coco Jam is the place to be. It’s the ideal place to host a safe and secure indoor birthday party or any other organized special event. Movement is free and laughter fills the air. Our services offer a dynamic, hassle-free experience with no clean up, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your children have the time of their lives.

Our mission is to bring families together in a wholesome environment for fun and games. Coco Jam's marketing philosophy focuses on being unique by providing amusement and fulfillment in a cost effective way.

We fulfill this mission by:

Nurturing and promoting "wholesome Jamaican values" and creating an environment where the family institution can flourish.

Promoting creativity, imagination, and fun.

Paying close attention to consistency, detail and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

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