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"Gifts at your fingertips"


A: A GiftCertIt Certificate is the gift of choice! No longer is it necessary to agonize over the best gift for your loved ones. You choose the store and your loved ones can then visit the store and pick their perfect gift.

A: Anyone. Friends, relatives, employees, business associates, teachers, coaches, and many more will appreciate a GiftCertIt.

A: Anyone 18 years or older can order a GiftCertIt using a credit card or PayPal account.

A: GiftCertIt has a wide range of amounts to suit your budget. GiftCertIt has the largest selection of premium Jamaican retailers in one place, and more of your favorite stores are being added all the time! 

A: GiftCertIt carries the top brands in the industry and currently offers Gift Certificates from more than 100 retailers. Be sure to click on “Products” to see the complete list. More retailers are being added all the time! Please check back frequently!

A: The dollar amount on a GiftCertIt Certificate can only be changed in one way. Once the certificate has been purchased, the amount is set and ready for use. Upon use, the certificate balance is deducted by the amount used.

A: Each retailer has its own policy toward lost and/or stolen GiftCertIt Certificate. Please contact that retailer directly. But generally, lost or stolen gift certificates cannot be replaced. Please treat gift certificates like cash.

A: Yes, the account you created at checkout will be saved in our system. GiftCertIt will maintain your privacy and the security of all data you do store in your account. For additional details regarding our privacy policy, please see our Privacy Policy.  

A: Unfortunately, all sales are final and we are unable to process returns, please communicate with retailer.

No, only the person identified on the GiftCertIt Certificate can make purchases at the retailer. 

A: We currently accept PayPal and Credit Card payments from individuals and for companies and organizations we accept Cheque. 

A: The customer service line is open from 9  A.M – 5 P.M., between Mondays and Saturdays. 

A: Gift certificate orders can be sent to anyone living in Jamaica, they will receive their GiftCertIt Certificate in 3 days.

A: Please click Terms of Service or click the link at the bottom of the GiftCertIt website. 

For issues regarding purchase or delivery of your gift certificate, you can contact GiftCertIt Customer Care by email at contact@giftcertit.com or by phone at (876) 924-7153. For all other questions related to the use or balance of your GiftCertIt Certificate, please contact the retailer directly. 

A: The GiftCertIt Certificate have two levels of Gift Certificates. The first level, at which most products are priced, range from $2,500 JMD to $22,500 JMD plus shipping and handling. The second level, that comprises of more elite products range from $8,000 JMD to $90,000 JMD. If your desired amount is not represented on our website, please contact us.

A: There is only one way you can keep track of your balance: track your balance as you spend.

A: No. There are no fees after purchase. 

A: Yes, your GiftCertIt Certificate will no longer work when the “valid thru” date printed on the front of your Certificate has passed. 

A: The merchant may complete a split tender transaction and charge your GiftCertIt Certificate for the available balance.  The remaining amount of your purchase would require another form of payment. 


A: Simply visit GiftCertIt and find the Gift Certificate that is right for your recipient. Once you have selected a gift certificate:

  • Enter the Recipient(s) name(s) in the “Payable to” box
  • Enter your name (the purchaser) in the  “Cardholder”  box
  • Next it is time to choose the amount that will go on the Gift Certificate.
  • First, from the “(A) Value” drop down list choose an amount for your Gift Certificate
  • Secondly, you can increase your amount by choosing a “Times” figure by which the “(A) Value” amount will be multiplied. If you had seen your desired amount in the “(A) Value” drop down list you will choose 1 (one) in the “(B) Times” drop down list.
  • The “Quantity” drop down list is used to choose the number of Gift Certificates you wish to purchase, if you are buying for multiply recipients.
  • Click “Add to cart”, you will be taken to a page where you can add more Gift Certificates

A: No.  Our search was built to allow you to easily search in a variety of ways, by Retailer Name, a specific Category or by a specific parish.   This allows you to really localize your purchase for the recipient.

A: Yes, you can. All GiftCertIt Certificate are purchased online at GiftCertIt using credit card or PayPal account.

A: You will need to provide your first and last name, email address, phone number, credit card information, the recipient’s name and address and the credit card billing information including street address, city, state, and zip or PayPal account information. 

A: Yes. There is a 25% transaction and processing fees to use GiftCertIt, and an additional cost for shipping.

A: You will receive one email notifications, when your payment has been authorized, i.e. your purchase was successful.

A: You can check if your order was successful by logging in to your GiftCertIt account created during purchase. There your order will be listed as Pending, Approved, or Delivered. 

A: Please call GiftCertIt Customer Care at (876) 924-7153. We will do what we can to correct the names, but please note, if we have already started processing your order, we will not be able to change the names. 

A: Orders can only be canceled within 24 hours of purchase. 

A: GiftCertIt Certificate orders are cancelled for the following reasons:
– Information provided does not match the information on file at your bank.

-If the transaction is suspected to be suspicious by our bank we will cancel pending an investigation.

A: You can contact customer care at 876-924-7513 or (876) 564-1169 or email us at contact@giftcertit.com

A: For issues regarding purchase or delivery of your GiftCertIt Certificate, you can contact GiftCertIt Customer Care at (876)924-7153, or via email at contact@giftcertit.com 


A: The GiftCertIt Certificate is ready for use upon delivery. For further instructions on redemption, contact the retailer identified on certificate directly. 

A: Retailer gift certificates can be redeemed only at the particular retailer’s store and / or branches identified on your GiftCertIt Certificate.

A: Merchandise returns and refunds are handled by each retailer, and policies vary by retailer. Contact the retailer directly for their specific policy. 

A: For all questions related to the use or balance of your gift certificate, please contact the retailer directly.