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Patwa Apparel
JMD $2,500.00
Kingston and Saint Andrew

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Product Description

Patwa Apparel is a global lifestyle brand. An innovator in the fashion industry, we are engaged in the design, manufacture, and distribution of clothing for individuals wanting to associate with brand Jamaica. The focus is centred around casual wear with the unique concept of using the Jamaican patois along with its associated English translation. For example, “tek weh yuhself” (leave). We target those who are looking for an easy, carefree clothing experience that is bright and colourful, representative of their attitude to life. Essentially, it represents a trendy lifestyle for the hot, hip and happening.  Additionally, the Jamaican Diaspora and tourists looking to ‘bond’ with the culture/roots and Jamaican ‘vibe’ are major segments of the PATWA market.
“PATWA, the brand deeply rooted in the culture of Jamaica, promotes the island beyond the stereo-typical sun, sea and sand.  Coupled with the food, music, sports, and the arts, the language plays an indispensible role in setting the isle of wood and water apart from the rest”.

PATWA understands that it is more poignant to say “nuh badda mi” as opposed to ‘leave me alone”.  Certainly, one cannot underestimate the power of this amazing language arising from the country’s historical heritage; it is a melting pot of languages, a little bit of African, English and Spanish to create this powerful communicating tool!

The boutique-styled outlet echoes a sound of vibrancy and flamboyance. Jazzed with a kaleidoscope of Jamaican and earth-toned colours, t-shirts and other apparel such as dresses and shorts are complemented with hues of red, orange and turquoise to name a few. All this is against the backdrop of a red, yellow and green decor.  Clothing from Patwa Apparel makes the perfect gift for any season and reason or for that friend or family member travelling abroad.

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