Honey Bun

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Honey Bun is the fastest growing wholesale bakery in Jamaica, specializing in producing individually packaged pastries and baked snacks. The company, which was publicly listed to the Jamaica Junior Stock Exchange in 2011, was the first Jamaican Bakery to be HACCP certified in May 2016. Honey Bun produces several variations of over a dozen products resulting in a range of over 40 SKUs from 3 brands: Honey Bun, Island Bites, and Buccaneer Jamaican Rum Cakes.


The 24/7 baking operation, located in Kingston Jamaica has honed a core competency in baking for over 3 decades. Honey Bun exports throughout the Caribbean region as well as to the UK where our products can be found in ASDA and Tesco, and in Canada Sobeys and Loblaws, as well as to small independent stores.


Honey Bun was founded in 1982 by Herbert Chong, now Executive Chairman, and Michelle Chong, now CEO of the company. Under this leadership the company continues to be recognized for its innovation, operations and leadership. The company has built a strong reputation for transparency and good Corporate Governance.